Your Comments – Yes!

My main regret about this blog is that I have so many irons in the fire, so many things I want and need to write about, that I seldom have time to respond to your comments.

So many of your comments are really good, showing deep thought and bringing relevant experience to expanding various topics and ideas I’ve introduced.  Thank you!

I so wish I could magically make lots of time appear in my schedule so I could dialog with you, but alas… much I want to share, so little time.

Incidentally your comments have a wide audience.  My webmaster was finally able to get the server folks to give her some data on visits here, and for the last couple of months there were more than 2,000 unique visitors each month.  I’m impressed!

Keep your good reflections coming!  Once in a while I fall into an ego sort of thing and imagine I’ve got lots of good answers, but realistically I know  how little I know.  But I do seem to be able to stimulate people to think more deeply, for which I’m very thankful.

Charles T. Tart

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