Who, What, When, Where, Why

Just for a little fun, before I get involved in a serious meditation retreat, my wife and I read today that search engines like Google constantly update their fill-in-the-question-after-the-first-word box  by surveying what questions are being most frequently asked today.  It occurred to me that if you ask the five classic news questions, who, what, when, where, and why, you would get a quick look at what’s on the “planetary mind.”  So, today, Thanksgiving day, when I type “who” into Google (followed by a space), I find

Who is

Who unfollowed me

Who is honey boo boo

Who vs whom?


When I type in “what,” I find

What is my IP

What to do in San Francisco

What is gangnam style

What does yolo mean?


When I type in “when,” I find

When to work

When is Labor Day

When is Thanksgiving

When is Easter 2013?


When I type in “where,” I get

Where is Chuck Norris

Where am I

Where to buy nexus 7

Where the wild things are?


And finally for the big why question,

Why is the sky blue

Why do cats purr

Why am I so tired

Why are manhole covers round?


And, inspired by what I read, I type in that deepest of all questions, “is?”  I find the planetary consciousness is concerned with

Is shingles contagious

Is it down

Is Frank ocean gay

Is Jackie Chan dead

Okay, there’s the world report for today, I won’t even begin to speculate on what it means, and don’t know if I will ever assess the planetary mind again.  But it’s amusing, so happy Thanksgiving to all!


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