Who is Charles T. Tart?

I have devoted part of my scientific career to investigating parapsychological phenomena, things like telepathy, remote viewing, or out-of-body experiences. There are some people, though, who seem to believe in a philosophy of total Materialism as if it’s Revealed Truth, and so regard my and colleagues’ work as some kind of heresy that must be stamped out by any and all means.

The anonymity of the web allows them to publish comments about me and my work that attack me and distort or outright lie about what I’ve done or found, and they present their biased opinions as if they were facts. A certain online reference work that many people complain about is a particularly bad example of this. Neither I nor my colleagues have time to check every day to see what the latest distortions or lies about our work is now on the web, we want to give our time to continuing our actual research.

If you want to know who I actually am, what work I have done, and what I’ve found or not found, and my best understandings to date (always subject to change if new data comes in) then, this site contains biographical sketches (About or Brief Bio) that are factually accurate, and reproduces almost all of of my published scientific articles, so you can judge from a factual basis.

The beauty of science is that observable data, fact, is always more important than belief and opinion.

Thank you for caring about fact enough to read this.