Who Am I, and What Should I Do About It?

My wife sometimes tells me I limit myself too much in my role as scientist, even as a scientist genuinely interested in the spiritual.  My usual response is that science is where I have some expertise, and so may say things that are helpful to others in understanding our minds better, which must be a part of whatever spirituality is.  But, my wife Judy points out, you may give people the impression that science is the best way, perhaps the only way, to discover truth, and so inadvertently undermine their spirituality.  Ah, yes, that’s possible, and not what I want to do…

So as a small step toward more balance – – –


What Does It All Mean?

Art Work by John Forrest Bamberger

 In one of my discussion groups, I saw a clear and succinct statement of what life is all about:

“Who am I?” and “What should I do about it?”

I complimented the originator on this most excellent and succinct statement of the big question of life….

And a result was asked if I wanted to take a shot at answering it….

My first reaction was that I was greatly honored and amused that anyone would think I had a chance at answering that!

But sincerity called for more than an amused avoidance of the question, so as a small answer in progress,


Ah, I love simple questions!       😉

I’ve been working on this one my whole life, and don’t know an answer yet.

Meanwhile on the journey, I try to

          – pay attention,

          – learn,

          – be kind to others when I can,

          – pray that if I can’t get clear, unmistakable divine guidance, I at least get a little help now and then to not hurt others thru stupidity or malice, and

          – try to not get too attached to whatever my current level of understanding is.



  1. I love your bit about being kind to others, it reminds me of my favourite quote by David R Hawkins, in his book Power VS Force. I quote him as follows:

    “Simple kindness to one’s self and all that lives is the most powerful transformational force of all. It produces no backlash, has no downside and never leads to loss or despair. It increases one’s own true power without exacting any toll.”

  2. Hello Dr.
    I am married to a psychic/medium, (Julia) I have always been open minded, but after meeting my Wife Julia the world is so much more than “us” here on this world. We are part of and connected to a God that we can’t even comprehend. I summed it up for myself in a post one time:

    This simplest way to put it…
    We spiritual beings/consciousness living in a physical body, in a three dimensional environment of which we are bound by inside space and time. i.e. outside the singularity. Some have been here many times, and some have been here a few times if not just once. We are here to learn lessons, and have been here in this three dimensional environment since the creation of our consciousness. So, in a way we are in a “type” of matrix.
    Being born is more of a shock than dying, because if you accept my explanation we are not inherently a part of our native environment. When we die, we are actually going to an environment that we are more completely connected to than what we are fundamentally a part of now in this three dimensional space. Finally, there are many realms and planes of existence, to the point where I don’t believe we could ever comprehend while we exist in this time and space.
    Death from here is a subtle slip into the singularity…

    1. I like the idea that being born may be more of a shock than dying! Shakes up my usual way of thinking. And irregardless of the specific technical accuracy of one’s belief system, if it leads to a more productive, happier life for oneself and others, that’s great! I think our life experiences is a function of the interaction of whatever “reality” is and our ways of interpreting it. From a kind of practical, engineering perspective, it should all flow more smoothly if there’s a reasonable match between beliefs and reality…

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