Too few Responses Lately – Sorry

As I said when I started this blog, I wouldn’t have much time to comment on people’s comments, as much as I would like to, just occasionally, too many other projects, articles to write, etc…..

Lately though I’ve commented a number of times on comments – and when I check later, they don’t appear.  I’ve got some sort of software problem in WordPress, it makes me think I’ve done something when nothing is done.  My webmaster is working on it.  Meanwhile, sorry to be too absent.  Hope my regular posts are stimulating….


  1. Hi Dr. Tart,in the subject of the nature of Consciousness,I have been reflecting about the mechanism of suicide.
    When “I” make a conscious decision to commit suicide,which is the object and which the subject?.According to the tenets of materialism,the brain and the mind are one,the mind being a byproduct of the brain,so,when the “mind” decides to do away with the “body” (including the brain),does this fact not prove that the mind is an entity independent of the brain?,because otherwise we end up with the contradiction that the brain decides to anihilate itself,and this would be in blatant contradiction to the apparent purpose of the brain (and the body) in the process of evolution,which is survival at any cost,in this context it is an absurd idea that the brain somehow is plotting its own destruction….. 😯
    I would like to hear any comments about this problem
    Thank you


  2. Thank you Dr. Tart,your articles in your website are very interesting to me,and yes,I always try to keep an open mind,as that is the only way to learn anything.
    Kind regards and keep up the good work!


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