The “Rich” Life

For all that I have heard various Buddhists teach about the unnecessary suffering that comes from getting overly attached to anything, I still get too attached to too many things.  Like thinking I’ve got my life schedule in order and running well, and then reality comes along and disrupts things.

So I’ve really been in the swing of posting something interesting here every week for a couple of years or so now, and then between my teaching at ITP and my trip back to North Carolina for almost a week*, and getting ready for my wife and I to go off on our annual Spring camping vacation, regularity is gone!  The choice left to me is how much I’ll fret or not fret about it.  I feel like you folks out there who regularly read this blog will be disappointed with more absences, but then again I believe you are a more serious group than folks who need constant diversion…..

And, although I hope I have a long life ahead of me, I know that at my age the end could be closer, but I still have so many findings and ideas I want to share with people.

And just to make the mixture more “fun,” my desktop computer has gone kaput and really isn’t worth repairing, so I’m reduced to the smaller resources of my laptop, which doesn’t seem to have some of the material I’ve been using for some of my blog posts.  Even worse, I have to go through the agony of choosing a new desktop computer to buy, and my first looks tell me I don’t even know what some of the descriptive terms mean any more!

The Buddhists speak of the “suffering of the god realms,” which I take to mean that even those of us who live in California and have the modern miracles of computers and the web can suffer!  Like when I’m camping and have no high-speed web access: dial-up takes so long!

May it be the worst of my suffering!

Anyway, I may manage to get a few interesting posts on in the next few weeks or maybe I’ll be so happy to be out in nature that I don’t even think of it!

Bless you all, see you later!

*Oh, the production of video for the online workshop on meditation and mindfulness that GlideWing will offer, scheduled for this August, went very well.  Nice folks!  They should have some descriptive material up on their site within the week.


  1. Ditch the attachment to desktop computing, its an old and way outdated computing paradigm!

    Laptops have just as much power unless you’re editing video or something, and the screen is closer so you dont need all the LCD real estate of a desktop screen.

    Actually LAPTOPS are on the way out! Go to the apple store and try a Ipad! You won’t like typing on it, but surfing and other stuff works fine.

    My feelings re: attachment….its fine, its the game of life, as long as it is volitional. The suffering comes in when its not.

    1. You’re right, Dave, the i Pad is an incredible device. My wife has one and loves it! But I’ll have to go with a new desktop machine, even if it dates me to the age of the dinosaurs (I owned one of the first Apple II computers ever sold and certainly the first to be used for scientific research, so I do go back a ways…..).
      I remember a friend telling me years ago that as you age, the stairs get steeper and the print gets smaller, and dang, it’s true! I’ve been using my laptop for a couple of weeks, it’s a big screen for a laptop (15″), but am I delighted this morning to use the external monitor from my old desktop machine (22″) and see so much easier!
      Thanks for caring!
      Hope to produce something here in the next few days on a neat method to partly cross the threshold into our dream worlds and see what’s happening….

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