Suggestions for Effective Communication

I’ve set up this blog to be like a graduate or advanced-undergraduate class: I occasionally put out material to stimulate discussion on topics like consciousness, psychic functioning, spirituality, etc., and then mainly let the “students” (and we are all students of the Great Unknown) draw each other out and share what they know about it. Except for regular postings from my ITP classes, I generally try not to lecture, but be, when needed, a discussion facilitator.

Sometimes in actual classes though, the discussion gets too specialized, and while it may fascinate a few students, it leaves most lost. It’s best to continue such discussions privately, off-line from this blog, rather than risk losing many others. If something really exciting results from an extended off-line discussion that’s relevant to the blog, the conclusions can then be posted here.

When we post something, we usually want to be read and understood. In moderating another list, I’ve found some things that up the odds that you will get read and understood.

For one thing, keep posts short. We’re all too busy and tend to automatically groan when we see a long, long post. So we’re more likely to read a short one, and, if the content is interesting, read future ones.

Second, try to make your post of general interest, not of interest just to a very few other readers who’ve been following the details of previous posts. If something starts like “Contrary to what A said happens to him I experience….” and I don’t happen to remember what A said, I’m unlikely to keep reading.

– This doesn’t mean keep things shallow, of course.

– Politeness, of course, is always a good idea even when we disagree. We’re much more likely to read and think about a disagreement expressed politely than about an unskillful statement that we are wrong….

How to meet all these somewhat contradictory goals of deep but concise, continuing discussion but able to stand alone, etc….. Ah, that’s an art we all need practice at…



  1. Hello Dr.Charles T. Tart, I’m from Armenia and I’m very happy to know about you and your researches, cause I belong to one of your research theme. So I want to tell you about my case and hope you will give me some explanations or advice…
    Three years ago I suddenly found out from my newcomer neigbours things and fears, even inside emotions that knew only me,I hadn’t known them before it even hadn’t spoken to them.They confirmed that I was the first case , before me they heard no one and they never practiced in it.Every day they could utter every word that I said inside me, and moreover even what I heard they heard,what I even felt they were feeling…I never interested in it and at first I thought ” May be something is wrong, and it will pass soon”. So I found out that I’m a sender and they are receivers. They hear only me, I don’t hear them….I was in a stress after it.

    I want to know how can I block myself in order not to be heard, cause I’m not feeling comfortable, it disturbs me a lot
    I want to stop this , is it possible???

    Thank you in advance. I’m looking forward for your reply.
    Regards Ani

    1. I don’t know you, so can only speak in generalities. The relevant generality is that feeling that others are reading your mind is almost always a sign of psychological distress, and psychotherapy is probably the best route to go. Good luck!

      1. Hi Dr Tart,

        I think you missed what Ani was trying to convey.

        “Every day they could utter every word that I said inside me”

        There seems to be more there than “feeling that others are reading your mind”. Doesn’t it sounds a little bit paranormal? Of course Mani could actually unconsciously speak out loud and his neighbors unconsciously pick the sound… don’t know.

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