Mindfulness Workshop with Tart May 30th



The folks at GlideWing.com who make this mindfulness web workshop of mine available occasionally have created a nice little video describing it.  If I understood how, I would fix it to run automatically here, but if you click on this link  http://www.glidewing.com/ctt/mindfulness_home.html   it will run.

It promotes the workshop more directly than I would, but my friends tell me I’m too retiring.  My mother raised me to think that any admiration of one’s own work, much less boasting about it, was crude and egotistical, so I’ve always tried to do good work and hope that people who might find it useful somehow discover it on their own.  I hear that’s not how it is done in our overly -advertised society…. Stupid, actually, if I have learned some things that can help people I need to let them know they exist…       😉

Anyway I offer a good introduction to becoming more mindful in everyday life, where we really need it, as well as learning fundamental meditation skills, so if you’re interested, take a look.  This workshop lasts 3 weeks and starts May 30, 2015, that’s a few days from this posting.


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