They say that life moves faster as you get older, and I’m discovering that it’s true, suddenly realizing that the beginning of my three-week online workshop on Foundations of Mindfulness is beginning this Saturday!

I had hoped to make a new introductory video about mindfulness, but life wasn’t very cooperative about providing the time.  Nevertheless, there already are two short videos you can watch to learn something about the workshop.  If you go to http://www.glidewing.com, you’ll be on the introductory page for GlideWing, and my workshop is currently the first one featured there.  You can read the description and/or click on the video.  Then if you want to sample a short video on a way to feel more comfortable doing concentrative types of meditation, go back to that first page and click on the picture of me at the top of the page.

I’ve had a happy career as a scientist working to understand more about our minds, particularly unusual, altered states of consciousness and parapsychological aspects of spirituality, and I never really thought about teaching any aspects of spirituality.  But after 50 years of learning and teaching, while I’m not at all sure what “enlightenment” is and how one gets there (I think it’s an ongoing process, not a final destination), I do know how basic meditation skills help you settle and clarify your mind, and how they can be applied in the way G. I. Gurdjieff taught them to bring more mindfulness to your everyday life.  Formal meditation is, in a way, safe.  You can’t get in much trouble sitting by yourself on a little black question if your mind goes off in weird directions, but we do that kind of thing all the time in everyday life — and reap the consequences later.  Thus any increase in mindfulness that can be applied in life, which is my main interest, can be very useful indeed.

This will be the second time I’m teaching this GlideWing online workshop, and I hope to see some of you there.  I’ll probably teach it about twice a year, so if this is all too sudden, there will be another chance later on – assuming life doesn’t deny me the time as I plan!

Charles T. Tart


  1. Dear Charles,

    Do you plan to the online mindfulness workshop in 2014, I would like to take part. Can I register for it?

    Warm regards,

    Tatjana KOchektova

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