Looking for a Dracula cartoon

Those of you who’ve heard me lecture know I use images a lot to illustrate ideas, and I often make the point that it’s so hard to find time to read, to keep up with things nowadays.

There’s a very funny (to my sense of humor) cartoon I saw at least 30 years ago that would illustrate this so nicely, and I have not been able to find it, even searching the New Yorker cartoon library with relevant key words.  If anyone has it, I’d be grateful if you’d scan it and send it to me.

The cartoon shows Dracula, carrying an unconscious maiden in his arms.  He’s standing in front of a wall of bookcases in  his castle’s magnificent library.  One bookcase behind him has swung out to reveal the secret stairs leading down to his crypt.  And, he’s saying, regretfully, something like “Who has time to read any more?”      😉

Just googling “Dracula” and “cartoon” turns up over a million hits, which I’m not up to inspecting, but hopefully someone on my lists out there has it?

Charley Tart



  1. Just found your request for this cartoon-I don’t have a scanner but I have the cartoon….it’s a black and white and says “who has time to read? Let me know…thanks. Mrs. Geist

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