In the Nature of Mind Just Switch On Getting There, Staying There, Returning There

[Resisting my life-long temptation to explain, explain, words, explain, words, explain, inspired on a recent retreat…..]


In the atmosphere of gratitude and bodhicitta,

May I be blessed into usefulness!


Now from my experience

Not from my word mind…


Practice, practice, practice!

In the varieties of meditation

Shamatha, insight, devotion, presence

Years and years and years


Moments/Times of





In the atmosphere of bodhicitta,

May I be blessed into usefulness!


Now  – – – Just switch on.

“Switch,” “do,” “create,” “enter,” “relax into,”

Too easily become fabrication,

Forcing, attaching, averting

Something more gentle and subtle,

No good word here,

“Active,” but not fabricating

So getting there,

Just switch on.

What could be more natural?


Staying there, returning there.


Hopes, fears – – –  relax, let them go


Nowness, the reality of the senses

Tune in to the lama

Tune in to those around you who also seek the nature of mind

Take it Moment by Moment, moment by moment

When I lose it, no need to fuss

Just switch on

It need not be good, it need not be bad, it need not be anything in particular

It is —- here, now


Nice, but no big deal

Move slightly slower – gently

Speak slightly slower – gently

Pause when I’ve lost it – then just switch on

Beware the Hurry Up! vibes


Don’t grasp, don’t reject

Confidence, patience

Full stop when lost

Looking, listening, openly, yet lightly

When on, no ego, nobody special

When on, no not ego

When on, no big deal

From “ordinary,” samsaric mind, big deal…..

All of these —

Don’t confuse thinking about

With actually doing/being…





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