IBPUOI? Incomplete, But Perhaps Useful or Inspiring?

I’ve been fortunate in leading a very interesting life, encountering and working with unusual, often little known ideas and observations about the nature and possibilities of our minds, perhaps of our souls*.  I’ve been able to make a few contributions bringing more attention there, to scientists, as well as to anyone interested in the spiritual, hopefully bringing some understanding to the spiritual side of life, practically as well as scientifically.  But there are so many observations I’ve made and ideas I’ve had that I’ve never  had time to develop and write about, to share with others.  Now, being “retired” and in 

my 80s, with greatly lessened energy, I know I won’t have time to properly develop and publish most of these.  I have  many essays started, e.g., calling attention to interesting things.  But, to my mind, they are significantly incomplete, and I’ll probably never get around to expanding and completing them fully the way I want to.  Thus this series of usually brief essays, the IBPUOI Essays, marked by this icon, to make them available in the hope that others will find them interesting (“He really saw that?  I want to check it.”) or needingcorrectionand expansion (“How come he didn’t consider such-and-such a factor?”), develop them properly, and so add to human knowledge.

This incompleteness undoubtedly applies in various degrees to essays already published on this blog, but if I take the time to review all the earlier ones to see which deserve having the icon added, I won’t get to posting any of the new ones…

A Note on “Soul:”

* There is a social taboo against scientists using words like “soul.”  We mistakenly think real science is only about physical things, and spiritual concepts like soul are fantasies, or best left alone.  As much as I appreciate and am fascinated by our steadily increasing knowledge of the mind and body, using methods and understandings from physical world science, there is much evidence that there is more to our nature, to our potential future development, than only the physical, so it severely handicaps the growth of our knowledge to ignore this bigger picture.  Yes, “soul” has all sorts of connotations and associations that are misleading, but I don’t know of a better word at this time to point our attention in that vital direction…  So take “soul” as a pointer, not any claim of final knowledge…

Charles T. Tart

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  1. Soul, consciousness, self awareness, all conceptual models with less than literal words associated with them.

    Models for thinking are like languages; some offer easier transmission of certain concepts, others work better for other concepts.

    People who get hung up on the label rather than the thing are missing out!!


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