Child of Light

Antelope Canyon, near Lake Powell in Arizona, has a slot canyon on it, a tortuous, twisting, narrow (6-12 feet or so) deep defile between curved canyon walls of red and other colored stone. The sun only penetrates for a few minutes at noon, but when it does, the colors and shapes are out of this world. Even at other times of the day, it’s fantastic. If you ever have a chance, go!

My wife and I went there, on the photographers’ tour last week, while on our camping vacation. She got off hundreds of fabulous photos, but I knew I didn’t have the skill to take in the panorama of this place, so I looked for interesting people at interesting moments, while just appreciating the beauty generally. The prime result is this, my first attempt to put a photo in this blog, what I call Child of Light.

A beautiful little Japanese girl stepped into this tiny shaft of sunlight, and…!

child of light cropped and smaller

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