Charles Tart Videos “Questions of Consciousness”

Too many times I’m so busy producing new material that I forget to tell people that it exists. Since my aim is to communicate material that may interest people, that kind of defeats the purpose if they don’t know of it…..

I’m also shy about seeming to “promote myself,” seems like an egotistical thing to do, but that’s kind of silly when you want to communicate.

Anyway, I have now produced ten 10-minute videos, going up on YouTube, with the series title “Questions of Consciousness.” My initial motivation was to simultaneously share some information and questions about the nature of our minds and parapsychology, and also to promote the forthcoming June 24-28 2010 meetings of ISSSEEM, the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, in Colorado (website info at I’m honored to be the President of ISSSEEM this year, and setting the theme of the conference – Evidence-Based Spirituality for the 21st Century – has been a privilege. I’ll center my Presidential Address on that and our keynote presenters will also touch on that theme.

Think about the possibilities – a practical spirituality that works for most people, based on scientific and scholarly research to separate the wheat from the chaff, rather than “You better believe this or you’ll go to Hell!” traditional kind of approach. Ambitious? Yes! Possible? Maybe, it’s certainly worth a try. The sad reality is that traditional spirituality and religion don’t work very well for far too many people.

Four of these videos are up on YouTube already (just go to YouTube and search for Charles Tart), six more will be posted soon, maybe all at once, maybe over the next six weeks.

Response has been enthusiastic so far, so after the June meeting I may continue producing videos to stimulate thought about consciousness.

In many ways I’m old-fashioned and come from a time when slow, thoughtful readings of sophisticated text was the way to communicate, but I know video is much more useful for a lot of people now.

Anyway, enjoy them and, if you find them useful, tell your friends about them. You might also want to come to the ISSSEEM meeting in June!

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