C. Tart Books on Mindfulness and on Science and Spirituality Now Available As Ebooks

I’ve told some of you before that I always feel a little embarrassed when I “promote” my own books, even though I realize that’s stupid to feel that way.  It’s not like I’m trying to sell some inferior product to people, I spend an enormous amount of time writing a book to share knowledge that I think will be useful to some people, but how can it have a chance to be useful if I don’ tell people about it in the first place?  Oh well, my neurosis to deal with, “Thank you Mommy, but perhaps you’ve taught me to be a little too humble…?.”    😉

Anyway I proud and delighted to announce that 3 of my books are now available as Ebooks, in all the popular Ebook formats.  The End of Materialism is my recent magnum opus on why the data from scientific parapsychology makes it sensible to be both scientific and spiritual in your approach to life, demolishing the psychologically harmful belief that science has somehow shown that all spirituality is inherently nonsensical and pathological.   Waking Up is my work on translating the spiritual work of G. I. Gurdjieff, one of the pioneers in trying to make Eastern spiritual ideas accessible and workable to Westerners into modern psychological terms.   Mind Science takes on this same task but from many different angles – I often need to get several varying perspectives on something before I begin to get it.

You can get fuller info on these books at
http://fearlessbooks.com/TartE-Books.htm, as well as read a more extensive essay of mine on science, spirituality, how much suffering is useless and can be eliminated, mindfulness, etc.

I’m very pleased that these 3 books are new readily available in this new e- format!

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