This is a modification and addition of draft version of a chapter to appear in Kaklauskas, Clements, Hocoy, & Hoffman (Eds.), Shadows & Light: Theory, Research, and Practice in Transpersonal Psychology, to be published in 2016 or 2017 by University Professors Press   The Importance of Curiosity: In Transpersonal Psychology, in Spiritual Development Charles T. […]

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Readers of this blog and of my books tell me they like to hear about my personal psychological processes, how they affect my spiritual and scientific work, rather than only “Professor Tart’s” reasoned conclusions about such things.  It’s easy for me to write in the latter style, that’s what gets rewarded in science.  This apparent […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on January 25th, 2012

Twenty five hundred years ago, Gautama Siddhartha, the historical Buddha, had some deep insights and created powerful techniques that would allow major reductions of human suffering.  Traditionally the Buddha is said to found a total end to all suffering.  Perhaps that’s true, perhaps it’s not.  I don’t know, but certainly Buddhist meditation techniques and related […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on September 19th, 2011

All of you know one of my main goals in life is to help genuine science and genuine spirituality interact in ways so each helps the other.  An interesting aspect arose in discussion with colleagues recently, that I wrote my friend Shinzen Young, meditation teacher, about.  Some of you might find this interesting, it’s about […]

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