Dr. Charles T. Tart on February 28th, 2014

Spiritual Beings or Hallucinations? Some more ongoing thinking…. Here’s something I just posted to another list which I think has a lot of relevance to our discussions.  On a listserv I’m on of “spiritual leaders” (I think I’m their token scientist, as I’m certainly not a “spiritual leader”), I asked, to start a discussion, How […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on April 4th, 2013

 For many years now, most of the small number of professional scientists doing research work in parapsychology have kept in contact through an online discussion group.  Much of the discussion is technical, about the best way to do experiments, methodological criticisms or elaborations of them, possible interpretations of results in terms of psychology or physics, […]

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[this is easily-read material about meditation that gets more and more generalized as I develop it.  I feel I should develop it as a formal contribution to the Transpersonal Psychology literature, but knowing I’m not going o have time to do that in the immediate future, have decided to put it up here on the […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on August 11th, 2012

In a discussion group of “spiritual leaders” (in which I think I’m the token scientist), the question of religious and spiritual authority has recently been raised, and I warned that: “… it’s useful to realize authority is an exceptionally powerful, and therefore dangerous “drug,” which people can get addicted to and crave more and more […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on November 5th, 2011

A colleague of mine was inspired hearing about the Brian Green show (Nova: The Fabric of the Cosmos) this week on the universe, especially the parts about “dark matter” and “dark energy.”  He tended to see it as validating religion.  I’m all for validating or reinforcing the best aspects of religion and spirituality – after […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on September 3rd, 2011

A number of the religious and spiritual people on one of the lists I belong to  have been musing about the problem of violence in the world lately.  I can’t say that their thoughts have made it all clear to me.  By and large their ideas  seem like the kind of things both ordinary and […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on August 29th, 2011

I have been involved in a discussion on a professional list of “spiritual leaders” about the evidence for reincarnation and, more generally whether science has any value in casting light on spirituality and religion. One of the list members, an ordained Christian minister, wrote that he had a difficult time understanding my mentality.  Where was […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on August 15th, 2011

One of the folks on a discussion list I’m on was talking about her difficulties in accepting the reality of death as she got older, and asked how other people coped with death, especially hoping to hear how personal experience cast some light on the issue.  I thought I’d share here what I wrote her. […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on May 1st, 2011

My wife Judy and I have just completed a 6-day retreat on Dzogchen approaches to liberation with lama Tsoknyi Rinpoche, held at Mt. Madonna Conference Center.  Now it’s a couple of days of camping in a redwood park to cool down, before jumping fully back into ordinary life, but I’ve been reflecting a lot and […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on March 16th, 2011

Much of my research and writing about parapsychological subjects is somewhat abstract, dealing with laboratory experiments and what they might mean.  I’m just finishing teaching a course on basic Parapsychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and trying to give students some personal feel for the material and its importance in human life,  not just […]

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