Dr. Charles T. Tart on October 15th, 2017

Back in 1968, I published a pioneering study of out-of-the-body experiences (OBEs) with a young woman who had experienced them since she was a child. Tart, C. T. (1968).  A psychophysiological study of out-of-the-body experiences in a selected subject.  Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 62, 3-27.   I hoped my findings would […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on December 29th, 2016

Pain, Leaving the Body, Spiritual Realities or Illusion? © Charles T. Tart 2016 Why are we here?  What should we do?  Why does it hurt so much sometimes?  Can’t we just be given Certain Answers from Spirit?  And….   One of my friends, let’s call him Ralph, is a very interesting and thoughtful person.  He […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on February 26th, 2016

NDEs, OBEs – What Did I Experience? Charles T. Tart I recently received a note from P. M. H. Atwater, an authority on near-death experiences (NDEs), about the vague and confusing way people were starting to talk about NDEs.  This struck a chord of sympathy in me, as I’ve had similar problems in my work, […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on February 1st, 2012

I’ve recently been in correspondence with a young graduate student who has been dismayed to find out how much subjectivity can occur in her life when she is supposed to be a scientist, training in a hard, respected physical science.  I think many people in general, who are overly impressed by science, as well as […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on March 16th, 2011

Much of my research and writing about parapsychological subjects is somewhat abstract, dealing with laboratory experiments and what they might mean.  I’m just finishing teaching a course on basic Parapsychology at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and trying to give students some personal feel for the material and its importance in human life,  not just […]

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