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The articles library contains scans of Dr. Tart’s materials, including many that have not been online before 2013. New articles will be listed and linked to from this page, and possibly a blog post made about them, to let visitors know of the new material.

ASC and the Possibility of Survival of Death

Acknowledging and Dealing With the Fear of PSI

Additional Tributes to Gardner Murphy From Colleagues and Friends

Aikido – Harmony, Self-Defense, and Subtle Energies

Aikido and the Concept of Ki

Altered States of Consciousness A Thirty-Year Perspective Part 1

Altered States of Consciousness A Thirty-Year Perspective Part 2

Altered States of Consciousness and PSI A Historical Survey and Research Prospectus

Altered States of Consciousness and Psi Phenomena

Altered States of Consciousness and The Search For Enlightenment-TOM

Altered States of Consciousness and the Possibility of Survival of Death

Altered States of Consciousness in Western and Buddhist Psychology

Altruism: Self and Others

Apparent Displacement Effect in a Remote Viewing Experiment-A Methodological Note

Applications of Instrumentation in the Investigation of Haunting and Poltergeist Cases

Are Prepared Random Sequences and Real Time Random Generators Interchangable

Are Prepared Random Sequences and Real Time Random Generators Interchangeable (2)

Attitudes Toward Strongly Functioning PSI-A Preliminary Survey

Basic Nature of Altered States of Consciousness A Systems Approach

Book Review – Altered States of Consciousness and PSI A Historical Survey and Research Prospectus

Book Review – Psychical Research A guide to its history, principles, and practices

Book Review – The Notebooks of Paul Brunton Volume 1

Book Review- Remote viewing for everybody

Book Review- The Enigma of Out-of-Body Travel

Book Review- Uri Geller My Story

Book review – Psi Development Systems

Bridge Mountain Community – An Evolving Pattern for Human Growth

Buddysattva Promise

Can Psychology Count Past 100

Card Guessing Tests Learning Paradigm or Extinction Paradigm

Case for Mind Body Dualism

Case of predictive PSI With Comments on Analytical, Associative, and Theoretical Overlay

Case of the Yellow Wheat Field a Dream State Explanation of A Broadcast Telepathic Dream

Causality and Synchronicity Steps Toward Clarification

Clinical Exchange A Forum for Members to Ask Questions of Clinical Relevance

Comments on the Critical Exchange Between Drs. Stanford and Tart

Comparison of Suggested Dreams Occuring In Hypnosis and Sleep

Compassion, Science and Consciousness Survival

Concerning the Scientific Study of the Human Aura

Conscious Control of Dreaming- The Post Hypnotic Dream

Conscious Prayer

Consciousness, Altered States, and Worlds of Experience

Consensus Consciousness-Inducing Deep Trance-TOM

Content Discriminability of Four Types of Hypnotic Dreams

Control of Nocturnal Dreaming by Means of Posthypnotic Suggestion

Controversy About PSI Two Psychological Theories

Conversations with Charles T. Tart, Part 1

Correspondence – Response to George Dobinsons article

Correspondance JSPR Re: Beloff Review

Correspondence – Comments on Chuck Honorton

Cosmic Consciousness Experience and Psychedelic Experience First Person Comparison

Cultivating Compassion-TOM

Current Status of Transpersonal Psychology

Cybernetic Models of Psi

Defense Mechanisms-Obstacles to Compassion-TOM

Delayed PK with Matthew Manning Preliminary indications and Failure to Confirm

Dimensions of Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment Some Views from the Ground Up

Discrete States of Consciousness (2)

Discrete States of Consciousness-full proposal (2)

Discussion Between Charles Tart and Lucidity Letter Editor-Examining Similarities Between Dream Lucidity, Witnessing and Self-Remembering


ESP Testing and Training With the HP 41C

ESP Training (2)

ESP Training

East West Dialogue The Importance of Attitude

EditorialJP2010sp-E effects

Effects of Electrical Shielding on GESP Performance

Effects of Immediate Feedback on ESP Performance A Second Study

Effects of Immediate Feedback on ESP-Performance On Short Time Periods

Electrical shielding, ESP and the Earths Magnetic Field

Enlightenment and Spiritual Growth Reflections From The Bottom Up

Experiment in State-Specific Science

Experimenter Bias in Hypnotist Performance

Experimenters Potent Influence

Exploratory Token Object Tests with a Sensitive

Extending Mindfulness to Everyday Life

Extrasensory Perception – Effect of Time

Failures To Replicate Remote-Viewing Using Psychic subjects

Fears of the Paranormal in Ourselves and Our Colleagues-Recognizing Them Dealing With Them


Frequency of Dream Recall and Some Personality Measures

Game of Games Transcending Our Tribalism as a Step Towards World Peace

Geomagnetic Effects on GESP-Two studies

Getting Beyond Observer Bias

Growing Wise Hearts, Bodies and Minds

Harmony, Self-Defense, and Subtle Energies Aikido and the Concept of Ki-TOM

Helping to Create Transpersonal Psychology

Hypnosis An Unusual State-TOM

Hypnotic Depth and Basal Skin Resistance

Hypnotic Dream – Methodological Problems and a Review of the Literature

Hypnotic Suggestion as a Technique for the Control of Dreaming (2)

Im Not Crazy They are Coming Around with Guns


Improving Psychokinesis Performance Theoretical and Methodological Notes

Increases in Hypnotizability Resulting from a Prolonged Program for Enhancing Personal Growth

Inexpensive, Electronic Clairvoyance Tester-Trainer for Parapsychologists (2)

Inexpensive, Electronic Clairvoyance Tester-Trainer for Parapsychologists

Influence of The Experimental Situation in Hypnosis and Dream Research- A Case Report

Influences of Previous Psychedelic Drug Experiences on Students of Tibeten Buddhism

Influencing the Content of Hypnotic Dreams

Information Acquisition Rates in Forced-Choice ESP Experiments Precognition Does Not Work as Well as Present-Time ESP

Information Transmission in Remote Viewing Experiments (2)

Initial Integrations of Some Psychedelic Understandings into Everyday Life

Initial Observations of Basic Mediation Practice-TOM

Introduction to the Spiritual Transpersonal Path for the Scientifically Handicapped

Investigating altered states of consciousness on their own terms A Proposal for the Creation

Is Searching for A Soul Inherently Unscientific

Is the Paranormal Normal

Ki – Part I

Laboratory PK – Frequency of Manifestation and Resemblance to Precognition

Large Sample Classroom ESP Card Guessing Experiment

Learning to Use Psychokinesis-Theoretical and Methodological Notes

Lets Pretend To Be Rational

Letter – Dowsing

Letter – Random Questions

Letter on Learning to Use ESP

Letter to the Editor-regarding PSI and William Braud

Letter to the editor-OMNI

Letter- Unlucky Winner

Letter-Gerd Hovelmann response to The Controversy about PSI

Living in Illusion-TOM

Lucid Dreams Entering The Inner World Part 2-TOM

Lucid Dreams Entering the Inner World Part 1-TOM

Lucid Dreams and Out-Of-The-Body Experiences-TOM

Marijuana Intoxication – Reported Effects on Sleep and Dreams

Marijuana Intoxication Feasibility of Experiential Scaling of Level (2)

Marijuana Intoxication, Psi, and Spiritual Experiences (2)

Marijuana Intoxications Common Experiences

Mathematical Inference Strategies Versus PSI – Initial Explorations with the Probabilistic Predictor Program

Meditation and Consciousness A Dialogue Between a Meditation Teacher and a Psychologist


Mind Science Meditation Training for Practical People

Mindfulness, Spiritual Seeking and Psychotherapy

Models for the Explanation of Extrasensory Perception

Multiple Personalities Altered States and Virtual Reality The World Simulation Process Approach

Neglected Sender-Preliminary Indication That Multiple Performers May Enhance PSI Performace

Observations on the Perpetual Music Track

On Consensus Trance and Waking Up A Conversation with Charles Tart

On the Nature of Altered States of Consciousness

On the Scientific Foundations of Transpersonal Psychology Contributions From Parapsychology

On the Uses of Computer Generated Realities A Response to Begelman

Panel Discussion – State of the Art in Transpersonal Psychology 1996

Parapsychology and Spirituality

Parapsychology and Transpersonal Psychology – Anomalies to be Explained Away or Spirits to Manifest

Pattern of Basal Skin Resistance During Sleep

Physiological Correlates of PSI Cognition

Possible Psychic Dream with Some General Speculation on The Nature of Such Dreams

Possible Nature of Post Mortem States- A Discussion


Preliminary Experiments in Group Remote Viewing

Proposal to Create a Parapsychological Data Bank

Pseudo-Random Number Generator Test Program

Psychedelic Experiences Associated with a Novel Hypnosis Procedure Mutual Hypnosis

Psychics Fears of Psychic Powers

Psychedelic Experiences Associated with a Novel Hypnotic Procedure, Mutual Hypnosis

Psychological Observations on a First Trip to India-TOM

Psychologists Experience With Transcendental Meditation (2)

Psychophysiological Study of Out of The Body Experiences in a Selected Subject (2)

Pure Clairvoyance and The Necessity of Feedback

Random Output Selector for the Laboratory

Randomicity Test Program for Pseudo-Random Number Generator Routines on The New HP-41C

Randomicity, Predictability, and Mathematical Inference Strategies in ESP Feedback Training Situations (2)

Reflections on On-Line Teaching – My First Course

Remote Viewing- Examination of the Marks and Kamman Cueing Artifacts Hypothesis

Responsiveness to Suggestions Following Waking and Imagination Instructions and Following Induction of Hypnosis

Resolution in remote viewing studies – Mini-Targets

Responsiveness to Suggestions Following Waking and Imagination

Responsiveness to Suggestions Under Hypnosis

Review A Little Book On Love

Review Five Classic Meditations

Review Noetic Science Bulletin

Review Science, Theology, and Consciousness The Search for Unity

Review The Physical and Psychological Effects of Meditation

Review The Sun and the Shadow My Experiment with Lucid Dreaming

Review The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Review Turning Inward Progress in Understanding Meditation

Review- Stretching the Frontiers of Awareness

Review-Enlarging Our World of Experience

Robert Monroe – Obituary

Science and The Sources of Value

Science, Scientism and the Near-Death Experience

Scientific Foundations For The Study of ASC

Second Psychophysiological Study of Out-of-Body Experiences in a Gifted Subject

Self-Report Scales of Hypnotic Depth

Six Studies of Out-of-Body Experiences

Some Effects of Posthypnotic Suggestion on The Process of Dreaming

Some PSI Experiments with Matthew Manning

Some Studies of Psychokinesis with a Spinning Silver Coin

Spiritual Motivations of Parapsychologists – Empirical Data

States of Consciousness and State Specific Sciences

Stoned Research

Structure and Dynamic of Waking Sleep

Survey on Negative Uses, Government Interest and Funding of PSI

Symposium Yes We Are Zombies, But We Can Become Conscious

Technical Note Use of Strain Gages to Measure REMs

Terminology in Lucid Dream Research (2)

The Facts May Not Be True Part 1

The Facts May Not Be True Part 2

The Game of Games-Transcending Our Tribalism as A Step Towards World Peace-TOM

Thoughts on Science and Spirituality

Three-Brained Beings-TOM

Toward an evidence-based spirituality

Toward the Experimental Control of Dreaming – A Review of the Literature

Toward the Objective Exploration of Non-Ordinary Reality (2)

Transpersonal Experience Realities or Neurophysiological Illusions

Trying To Use Non-Randomicity In ESP Target Sequences: Initial Explorations With The Probabilistic Predictor Program

Types of Hypnotic Dreams and Their Relation to Hypnotic Depth

Understanding Altered States of Consciousness A Systems Approach

Using Altered states of Consciousness to Facilitate or Study PSI – Some Methodological Suggestions

Using Feedback Training to Gain Conscious Control of PSI

Waking From Sleep at A Pre-Selected Time

What Death Tells Us About Life

What Do We Mean By Lucidity

Whos Afraid of Psychic Powers-Me Part 1-TOM

Who’s Afraid of Psychic Powers-Me

World Parliament of Superstition – Scientific Evidence for a Basic Reality to the Spiritual

World Simulation Process in Waking and Dreaming – A Systems Analysis of Dreaming

Letter to the Editor of JP re: Potts review of EoM

Meditation – Some Kind of (Self) Hypnosis – A Deeper Look

Review Psychiatry and Mysticism

Meditation and Mindfulness Course Overview

Fall 2013 mindfulness syllabus-for Web general viewing