Last week I was at a private working conference at Esalen Institute’s Center for Theory and Research, a long-lived conference which is been going on for some 14 years now.  We started out focusing on the problem of postmortem survival: was there good evidence for it?  How could you think deeply about that, though, when […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on May 29th, 2012

For many years I have worked on analyzing and evaluating the evidence that some aspect of us survives bodily death in some form.  If I were asked to summarize my best conclusions at this time, I could do it in two sentences.  The first is that I will not be surprised, after a period of […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on May 28th, 2012

Once a very esoteric concept, known only to a few, such as scholars of Eastern religion, probably most people have now heard of chakras, psychic energy centers spread throughout the body, although mostly along the spine, which, when activated, can affect the quality of a person’s consciousness.  Here’s a typical diagram I found with a […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on May 27th, 2012

I have never been interested in golf or played it, unless you want to count less than a dozen instances over 50 years where friends took me to play miniature golf.  So in 1971 when Psychic magazine asked me to do a review of Michael Murphy’s new book, Golf In The Kingdom, I was a […]

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[This is an initial draft of some interesting thoughts relative to the question of postmortem survival.  Raises more questions than it answers….] One of my central research interests as a parapsychologist has been the question of postmortem survival.  Does some essential aspect of a person survive physical death?  If I had to summarize a century […]

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Readers of this blog and of my books tell me they like to hear about my personal psychological processes, how they affect my spiritual and scientific work, rather than only “Professor Tart’s” reasoned conclusions about such things.  It’s easy for me to write in the latter style, that’s what gets rewarded in science.  This apparent […]

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As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago(April 9, 2012), I went back to lovely Asheville, NC for a week of video lecturing at the invitation of, a company that produces online workshops on various spiritual, psychic and psychological topics.  Having watched a workshop they’d done with Tibetan Lama Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, […]

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