Dr. Charles T. Tart on April 25th, 2012

Ever since I was a child, dreams have fascinated me.  Where did they come from?  Good ones were marvelous.  And flying!  I had to slowly learn to fly over many dreams as a kid.  First running and jumping, somehow slowing down the float back to earth.  Then creating a little airplane around me – I […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on April 9th, 2012

For all that I have heard various Buddhists teach about the unnecessary suffering that comes from getting overly attached to anything, I still get too attached to too many things.  Like thinking I’ve got my life schedule in order and running well, and then reality comes along and disrupts things. So I’ve really been in […]

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Dr. Charles T. Tart on April 6th, 2012

I know it’s been a while since I’ve had time to post anything – so busy back East creating the online workshop on mindfulness and meditation – news and mini-essays soon!

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